Polaris Christian Academy offers full day kindergarten with all subjects taught from a biblical perspective. This is an exciting time in your child’s life as they begin to learn important school skills and experience things like the lunchroom and field trips for the first time. They not only have learning from all of the core subjects but participate in gym, music, and art specials as well. Nap time is still included but is tapered off throughout the school year.


At PCA we recognize that kindergarten begins the foundation for all student learning. Most of the day is usually spent in our literacy program. Lessons are multi-sensory using Orton Gillingham techniques and reinforced throughout the day in learning centers, journal writing, and reading groups. We emphasize phonics but will also incorporate sight words. Students will learn letter sounds, sight words, word families, and rhyming skills during their time in kindergarten.


Our kindergarteners begin exploring the world through observation and experimentation. Science units revolve around season, senses, oceans, plants, magnets, butterflies and colors. Social Studies units revolve around exploring the United States through learning about farms, holidays, famous Americans, National landmarks, and Patriotic symbols.


We introduce a variety of mathematical skills such as counting, sorting, estimation, telling time, money values, geometry, addition and subtraction, and measurement.


The Bible theme during kindergarten is “God loves me”. Our kindergarten students learn about Jesus Christ through many familiar Bible stories and scripture memorization. They also learn important biblical principles such as honesty, sharing, and obedience. We also have a chance to participate in school chapels weekly.


Our kindergarten classes participate in many exciting events throughout the year. Kindergarten travels to the pumpkin patch, a working farm and the columbus zoo. They also host special events such as a Teddy Bear Picnic, Q and U Wedding, Mother’s Day Tea, Donuts with Dad, and the annual Christmas Chapel Program.

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