Polaris Christian Academy lower Elementary includes grades First through Third. Our Lower Elementary program provides many exciting opportunities for your child. They not only have learning from all of the core topics but participate in gym, music, and art specials as well. We also provide STEM classes for students who qualify to enter into this extra challenge. Lower Elementary Students can also participate in school-wide events such as the Speech Meet and the Spelling Bee.


Our lower elementary focuses on reading comprehension, fluency, spelling and grammar as well as oral, written, and listening skills.. Our First grade focuses on phonics, vocabulary and spelling skills. They also practice writing and grammar through journals and writer’s workshops. Second grade builds upon the foundation that students received in first grade by going a step further with learning the writing process, and writing strategies. In Third grade students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. They delve deeper into proper grammar skills and spend a great deal of time on the writing process.


First grade science focuses on Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. They learn about such subjects as simple machines, the human body, healthy habits, weather, and space. Second grade science focuses on Biology, Physical Science, and the Scientific Method. They study plants and animals, types of energy, and the five senses. Our Third Grade program highlights inquiry skills to help conduct experiments. They study such topics as ecosystems, mation, force, rocks, soils, and the Earth’s surface.


Our lower elementary all study map skills, citizenship, and famous Americans during social studies. In First grade, students also learn about the economy through experiencing the differences between producers, buyers, and sellers. Second grade adds units focused on Native Americans, Christmas around the world, and America’s first colonists and immigrants. Third grade incorporates special studies on world cultures and settlement patterns.


First grade math subjects include counting, subtraction and addition, problem solving, fraction concepts, measurement and geometry. Second grade continues to build similar skills with units that include number patterns, tables and graphs, ordering numbers, two and three digit addition and subtraction, probability, and multiplication and division concepts. In Third grade, our students master basic subtraction, addition, multiplication and division facts. They also learn about operation symbols, place values, rounding, and the different types of numbers.


Students learn about God’s word in several ways during their time at PCA. Eah grade delves into his word through scripture memorization and study. First grade focuses on the “God of Impossibilities”. They spend part of the year learning about Abraham’s family and the other half on Jesus’s life and ministry. Second grade teaches around a theme of “Freedom”. They talk about how God has freed us and how to live in the freedom of Christ. Students learn the books of the Bible and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. In Third grade students learn about God through the theme of “Choices”. They learn about people in the Bible and the important choices that they made as well as the example of Jesus’s choices for us.


Each grade has special field trips and events that they participate in. Some examples of field trips include the Columbus Zoo, Apple Orchards, and A One Room School House. They also participate in service projects like Operation Christmas Child and other various local ministries.

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