This is an important time in a child’s life as they begin to become more independent and learn valuable skills and habits that stay with them through their lives.

Because of this, Polaris Christian Academy offers a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their talents and find their passions. Our Middle School includes grades sixth through eighth. Students receive their own locker and exchange classes between several core and elective teachers. Students have the opportunity to sign up for their electives for the first time. They can choose from a variety of physical education and art courses. We also offer Band, Choir, and other life skill courses too.

Middle school students can also participate in school events such as Speech Meet, Creative Writing and the Spelling Bee.


Middle School Language arts focuses on both writing and reading. Students are challenged to read several novels throughout the school year. They dive deeper into book studies identifying themes, analogies, and reflection on messages all through a Christian filter. Students write extensively in a variety of styles such as journals, poetry, persuasive, and research styles. They continue their study of grammar and develop a deeper vocabulary. In 7th and 8th grade, students have the opportunity to take Spanish.


All of Middle School social studies emphasizes geography, map skills, and current events. In 6th grade students focus on world history from Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire. In 7th grade students study world history from the Middle Ages to modern times. 8th grade learns about U.S. history from exploration to Reconstruction.


Middle School students have their science class in our science lab and frequently work in groups to complete labs. They study a variety of subjects like Physical Science, Earth and Space science, and Life science. 6th grade focuses on basic lab knowledge and skills. 7th graders focus on body systems and get to practice dissection. 8th graders focus on the scientific method through the participation in the ACSI Science Fair.


Middle School math is designed to prepare students for Algebra. Each grade delves deeper into the skills that will help students be successful in their high school math courses. Sixth grade focuses on number patterns, ratios, order of operations with fractions and decimals, probability, and geometry. In 7th grade students encounter topics such as about the different types of numbers, nonlinear functions, proportions, percents, and some geometry as well. In 8th grade students learn equations, graphing, radical and rational expressions, polynomials, analyzing and solving linear equations.


Students in Middle School will read the entire Bible by the time that they graduate. We believe that it is vital that each student understands God’s word. 6th grade focuses on Genesis through Daniel. 7th grade continues with the Minor Prophets through Revelation. 8th grade then builds upon what they have learned by studying apologetics. 8th grade reads the student editions of Case books by Lee Strobel. They then study comparative religion


Middle School Students have opportunities to be involved in other activities besides their core courses and electives. 7th and 8th grade students who qualify can serve in National Junior Honor Society. Polaris Christian Academy offers Co-Ed Soccer, Volleyball, and Girls and Boys Basketball as well. Each spring, the Middle School puts on a play as well. Choir and Band have further opportunities to compete at the Ohio Music Education Association each year too.

Elective Courses

Basketball Skills
Strength Training
Physical Education
Cardio Strength
Art 2D
Art 3D
Advanced Art
Choir Ensemble 1
Choir Ensemble 2
Theatre Arts
Speech 1
Speech 2
Tech 1
Tech 2
Family Consumer Science
Sports Nutrition

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