Many exciting changes happen as students enter 4th and 5th grade at Polaris Christian Academy.

The biggest change for students is that they begin to switch classes and have multiple teachers. They not only have learning from all of the core topics but participate in gym, music, and art specials as well. 4th and 5th grade students can participate in school wide events such as the Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, and Creative Writing competitions. 5th grade students also have an opportunity to participate in some extracurricular activities and may participate in Band. We also provide STEM classes for students who qualify to enter into this extra challenge.


Students will continue practicing their reading by reading several novels, biographies, and nonfiction books. To further their vocabulary, students will receive weekly spelling lists and work through new words. Students will practice their writing skills through a variety of methods in 4th and 5th grade. Some examples include poems, stories, speeches, and research papers. They will continue to hone their grammar skills as well.


4th and 5th grade science is based around three disciplines of science: life, physical, and earth. Topics include but are not limited to plants, ecosystems, electricity, sound, the solar system, and Earth’s land resources. Students also participate in the ACSI Science Fair. In 4th grade students learn all about Ohio history and geography. In 5th grade they study the early part of United States history. They cover topics from the Native Americans to Westward Expansion.


Upper Elementary Math focuses on learning elements of geometry and algebra. Students will practice skills such as fractions, probability, measurements, multiplication and division, data graphing, and ratios.


PCA’s upper elementary Bible program focuses on seeing God in action so the students might see Him acting in their lives. In 4th grade they have two major studies: Leadership in the Bible and Paul’s life and works. In 5th grade they study both God’s Faithful people and Knowing what it is to be a Christian. Both grades also study God’s word through weekly memorization verses.


4th and 5th grade participate in many activities and field trips throughout the year. They visit a working farm, the Columbus Zoo, Franklin Park Conservatory, and the SWACO Landfill. They also can participate in outdoor education in an overnight field trip to Heartland COnference Retreat Center. Within school they partner with our kindergartners by being their book buddies. 4th and 5th graders begin the year reading to their buddies and watch as their buddies transition to reading to them by the end of year!

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