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Current and Alumni parents and students share what they love about PCA and how we help to support families, INITIATIVES, and connection.


Our family has moved here from out of state and continue to work through the transition of a major move. I cannot thank PCA enough for making a spot for my daughter and for making the academic portion an easy transition. PCA has truly been a blessing to our family. I am so impressed with the academic standards and what she has learned in a such a short time. We are very pleased with her kindergarten teacher and couldn't be any happier with her classroom organization, classroom standards, and frequent communication with the parents. I could go on and on about our positive experience!!! Thank you for all your help in guiding us through the admissions process and for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing place!

Jenn smith, PCA Parent


Our involvement at PCA began in 1994 and we were blessed to have all six of our children go through K-8 there until our youngest finished in 2010! What attracted us to PCA were the student-teacher ratio, Christian curriculum and high standards of academic emphasis. What kept us at PCA was the sense of community that is fostered by the staff as they sincerely cared about our children and family. Teachers and administrators could be trusted as role models and mentors and some have kept in touch with our children to this day. From lessons learned through extracurricular activities to fun field trips and classroom learning experiences, PCA gave our family a great, safe place to ground our children in the faith and prepared them well to launch. We’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!!


Mike & Lynn Radigan, PCA Parents

PCA gave me a path in life that I will always be grateful for. From the best friends I made throughout volleyball seasons and small, intimate class sizes to the amazing high school preparation I was given, I can attribute so many aspects of who I am today to my 8 years at PCA. The class of 2010 gave me 3 amazing women in my life that continue to give me Godly advice, always pushing me to be my best self. The encouragement and guidance I received from the teachers has in fact inspired me to one day have my own classroom as a math teacher, instilling Christ-like love and patience into the young hearts around me. I’ll always treasure my days as a PCA lion, and hopefully I will find a school this special in a few years when I begin my career!

Mandy Radigan, PCA Graduate


PCA has been our home for the past 10 years. It has been God’s perfect place for our children to grow both academically and spiritually. We owe so much gratitude to the faculty and staff for the way they nurture and challenge our three children in both of these ways! Where professionalism and warmth co-exist, it creates an amazing environment! We couldn’t be more pleased with our family’s experience here!


Angie fulks, pca parent

Choosing PCA for our children gives them unique opportunities to develop leadership skills. The teachers deliberately and intentionally cheerlead their strengths and guide through their weaknesses to develop those into strengths. When I send them to school every morning, I have complete confidence that whatever ups and downs they meet in the day will be met with gentle, loving, and godly support from their teachers. The teachers genuinely pour into their students and guide my children as I would at home. The small student/teacher ratio allows other teachers to get to know my kids too, thus enabling godly mentoring that goes on year after year.

Rachelle anthony, PCA Parent


Polaris Christian Academy's amazing teachers and staff, along with the wonderful students and families, have been a total blessing to our family. Our oldest daughter, after 9 years at PCA, made a smooth and very successful transition into high school. Our daughters (we have 3) received an excellent education, participated in athletics, and enjoyed the arts (classroom, music and theater). They are well rounded, self confident, and have developed the strong study skills that will be needed in both high school and college. We highly recommend PCA to anyone interested in a quality Christian education for their child.


Wendell & Andi Dalton, PCA Parents