Polaris Christian Academy offers course enrichment through our STEM program. The STEM program at PCA is designed to enhance and enrich our math, science and technology programs, not replace them.

The units planned align to those covered at your child’s grade level and include a deeper understanding of the mathematical and scientific processes. Our STEM students explore challenges such as "Can you build a bug jumper that jumps higher than 100 cm?" or "Can you calculate the density of different fluids and build a striation tower?" Through these challenges students dive deeply into the world of STEM.



-Engineered a Bird's Nest capable of draining water and withstanding a windstorm

-Calculated and built a scale model of the Solar System

-Built a working model of the Mars Rover

-Tested for the amount of sugar in foods using Benedict's Solution

-Built a water filtration device

-Built a Pinball machine using linear and angular motion

-Built a boat with a buoyant hull able to cross water while carrying cargo

-Explored levers with catapults

-Examined transfer of energy using a solar oven.