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Together, we’re investing in the future and we feel it is truly a privilege.
— Judy Hoban, Principal

Your investment in the future.

Polaris Christian Academy is tucked away on 35 beautiful acres right in the heart of one of the busiest commercial areas of Columbus, Ohio.  Everyday, there’s a man that walks a well-worn path around that property. “Walker Ron” (as he has affectionately been nick-named), has mapped out a route that is only interrupted when he stops to pick up trash or to smile at a passerby. You’ll see Ron early in the morning and again in the afternoon but his favorite time to walk is during recess.  “There’s something about hearing the squeals of laughter and the smiles on the faces of those beautiful kids that just gives me hope” he said, during one of our impromptu chats.

And then Ron told me, “Judy, you have the best job in the world! You have the opportunity everyday to help shape the future.” He’s absolutely right. 

PCA is a very special place with dedicated staff, supportive parents and rooms full of some really terrific kids.  Our goal is to not simply challenge them academically to be prepared for whatever careers will be in their future, but to do our best to truly know them.  What makes them tick? What are their gifts and what do they struggle with?  We want to celebrate the wins and support through the challenges but mostly, we want to help them know the God that loves them exactly the way they are.

When you partner with PCA you too, are helping shape the next generation.  Your tax-deductible donation will go towards providing a child with an academic home where he or she will be known, loved and challenged. 

You may not be able to walk the property everyday (Of course, you’re always welcome to) but I hope you know how much we appreciate your support. Together, we’re investing in the future and we feel it is truly a privilege.

Thank you for your contribution.


Judy Hoban